The majority of us love to have a meal of seafood. Not only is it absolutely delicious, fish is generally low in calories, rich in protein and full of omega-3 - the perfect fat for glowing skin and healthy hair.

However, it is important to make conscious decisions when it comes to buying fish as there are two major concerns when it comes to seafood - over fishing, meaning that too many fish are being taken from the sea, and pollution.

Over fishing

A recent study found that just ten percent of the large predatory fish that once roamed the world’s oceans are left, due to the rise in demand for fish.

With so many people demanding fish, technologies have become more and more advanced when it comes to fishing, and vast numbers can be taken from the ocean.

Many environmental activists are concerned that certain types of fish will become extinct in years to come if fishing goes on the way it has been.

Which fish to buy?

Instead of buying the hot fish of the moment, get to know a few delicious alternatives that aren't heavily sought after.

For example, certain types of tuna and seabass are becoming less and less available, so it would be a good idea to avoid them.

"There's no pressure on the population by eating a nontargeted fish. You're selecting a fish that is sustainable and under-harvested," says Wayne Samiere, a marine biologist and the founder and CEO of Honolulu Fish Company.

Look and listen for sustainable clues

If you're really concerned about the kind of fish to buy, there are websites and apps you can download for your phone that let you know which types of seafood are sustainable.

Look out for labels on shop bought fish that tell you that the seafood is from a certified sustainable fishery.

Sometimes the labels also tell you if the fish is from the sea or if it was produced in a fish farm, so look out for that.

Posted by Freya Harper