Keeping up a good exercise routine can be difficult. Not only do you have to find activities that are beneficial and suitable for you, there is also the issue of finding the time. Once you have made the effort to make time and choose an exercise style, it is important to make sure that you have the right equipment to make your routine easier; this includes having the correct clothes.

One of the most important items of clothing for any woman when working out is the sports bra. It is vital that you ensure you are getting all the support you need while working out, something traditional bra designs don't really offer.

While all sports bras help to provide support while exercising, there are a number of different styles that can suit your own preferences; helping you to feel more comfortable. So how do you know what sports bra is right for you?

Impact level

The type of exercise that you undertake will affect the type of sports bra you should choose. Low-impact workouts, such as walking and yoga, require less support than high-impact exercises, like aerobics and running. 

You need to assess the type of exercise you will be undertaking and select a bra that helps to hold you firmly in place.

Your size

The size of your breasts is always an important aspect when it comes to choosing a bra and a sports bra is no different. There are a number of sports bras that function in different ways but only certain styles are right for some breast sizes.

Smaller breasts, cups A and B, can benefit from compression styles. These work by compressing the breasts to restrict any movement. For high-impact workouts you should go for a style that has a racerback with thick straps, while thin straps and a scoop back are suitable for lower impact exercises. 

For slighter larger breasts - cups C and D - you are best off choosing a style that encapsulates and compresses. This will provide you with a much greater level of support compared to just compression. Once again, the different types of back and strap thickness offers various levels of support.

Bras that use the encapsulation method only, are best for breasts that are larger than a D cup. These have individual cups that work to provide support to each breast separately, providing better all-round support.