Conception and pregnancy are two of the most natural and beautiful things that a woman and man can go through.

Many people feel as if they have waited their whole life to be a parent, with a number of individuals saying things such as: "I was born to be a mother".

What can be really hard for many of these people is that conception can be really difficult.

It's not always as easy as deciding you want to have a baby and then becoming pregnant. In fact, plenty of couples across the world struggle to conceive.

There are a number of natural things you can do which are thought to help improve your chances of conception if you're looking to bring a baby into the world.

Pre-pregnancy diet

Keeping your body in tip top condition is absolutely vital if you want to jump on board the baby wagon.

As always, plenty of fruit and vegetables will ensure that you are in great shape, making everything work exactly as it should.

There are additional supplements you can take which include a whole host of vitamins and minerals that are thought to increase your odds.

They are thought to kick-start your body into immediate health, making your body the perfect environment to bring a little one into!

Staying calm

Being relaxed is thought to significantly increase your odds. A comfortable environment is a far nicer place for an unborn baby to set up camp.

If things are stressful, try picking up a yoga mat and simply doing a few exercises at home to alleviate the stress.

Yoga is a great exercise because as well as toning, it helps you to unwind from a hard day at work.

It's also perfect for this weather because you can stay in your own home while still reaping the full benefits.

Posted by Matilda Jones