Asthma is a serious illness that affects thousands of adults and children in the UK.

It requires medical help and attention, so if you think you have asthma, you must see your doctor.

In addition to the treatment your doctor gives you, there are also some homeopathic things that you can try that may alleviate your attacks.

Vitamin D

This vitamin consistently crops up as a promoter of general good health and is believed to help people strengthen their immune system.

In particular, vitamin D is thought to ease the effects of asthma.

Some researchers have found that a lack of vitamin D is linked to lower lung capability - a component of asthma.

Vitamin D is mainly found in natural sunlight, but some multivitamin tablets do contain this helpful little substance.

If your child is suffering from asthma, try giving them Total Childrens Multi Vitamin Complex, which includes Vitamin D.


Nutritional supplements that contain omega-3 are thought to be a real help when it comes to controlling asthma.

It is thought that the fat-rich omega-3 may help reduce inflammation in both children and adults with asthma.

Inflammation of airways is what causes attacks.

As well as supplements, omega-3 can be found in meat and fish.

Regular exercise

Many with asthma do tend to steer away from exercise, as they fear it may increase their chances of an attack.

However, taking regular exercise actually helps alleviate the effects of asthma.

People who keep fit have a better respiratory system and heart rate - vital things for asthma sufferers to achieve.
It is not advised that people with asthma push their bodies to the limit, however. This could provoke an attack.

Instead, asthma sufferers are encouraged to take gentle exercise, such as yoga.

Posted by Matilda Jones