Having perfectly polished tootsies is a quick and easy way to make a woman feel instantly sexy.

It may no longer be sandal wearing weather, but there's nothing nicer than kicking off your shoes after a long day at work and looking down at some beautifully looked after feet.

The perfect pedicure doesn't have to cost the world either. There's no need to go to expensive salons which waste your time and money. Instead, a good bit of the old DIY will provide you with fantastic feet in no time.

Clip it away

First things first, you need to trim your nails down to the desired length. Don't cut them too short, as this will make painting more difficult.

Invest in some hard wearing toe nail clippers, https://www.fushi.co.uk/accessories/pedicure/toe-nail-clippers-by-fushi-wellbeing.html made to tackle even the toughest nail. Clippers made from hardened steel will ensure that they last a really long time.

Always cut the nails straight across, never slant them down at the sides. Uneven edges or sharp points can be smoothed off with an emery board or nail file.

Brush it away

Foot rasps are a great way to deal with hard skin on the feet. They work under the same premise as a body exfoliant - getting rid of all the nasty debris and leaving you with smooth, soft and supple skin.

They can also remove corns or calluses in between the toes, as well as really tackling the problem areas of your heels.

A good idea is to keep your foot rasp in the shower to ensure that you give it some good regular use!

Paint away!

It's as easy as that! Once you have trimmed and exfoliated, pick your favourite colour and whack it on your tootsies.

Good colour ideas for autumn are deep reds and browns, as they reflect the seasonal change.

Always try and wait at least five minutes after painting before walking around. The biggest cause of smudges and smears is done after painting, so be patient and leave the paint to dry.

Posted by Laura Andrews