Your hands are up against all sorts of elements and weather conditions on a daily basis, not to mention the impact lifting, holding and carrying things can have on your poor skin.

Now, as the winter months loom, it is more important than ever that you look after your mitts to keep them in tip-top condition.

Moisturise, moisture, moisturise

As they are so often subjected to washing, central heating and cold temperatures, hands can be seriously lacking in moisture if you're not careful. Using coconut oil is perfect to restore vital moisture to all of your body and can help to tackle dry and chapped skin on the hands. The back of your hands and between your fingers might need more coverage when applying cream, as the skin there is much thinner.

Use lukewarm water

Using lukewarm instead of piping hot water when washing can prevent hands from becoming chapped. Leaving your skin slightly damp when drying and choosing soaps made with antibacterial plant extracts can help to better absorb the moisture.

Save nail varnish for special occasions

What you might not know is that nail varnish can in fact weaken your nails, meaning they could become brittle and break if you wear it all the time. So, it might be worth considering only applying colour to your nails for special occasions.

Don't forget the sun protection

If the sun ever returns, it is important to put sun protection on your hands. Washing your hands frequently and sweating can rub the cream or lotion off, so reapplying regularly will keep skin safe and smooth.

Avoid the washing up

OK, so maybe this isn't strict advice, but using gloves when doing the dishes and avoiding the exposure of heavy duty cleaning products can also make a huge difference to the condition of your hands.

Posted by Freya Harper