How To Make Green Banana Ice Cream!

By Jade Ellis



This refreshing spring ice-cream is quick and easy to make, and contains an amazing amount of nutrients as it’s made with the Fushi Best Superfood Green Blend for an extra phytonutrient boost!

This treat is made with frozen banana, mango, vegan milk, green superfood powder, and iron rich spinach. The sweetness of the fruit completely over powers the veggies making it really delicious. This creamy vegan ice cream is low in calories and amazingly high in nutrients. Your body will love it!



2 frozen bananas

1-2 teaspoons Fushi’s ‘The Best Superfood Green Blend’

1 cup frozen mango

½ cup almond/soy milk (or more/ less depending on preferred consistency)

1-2 handfuls of fresh spinach



Chia seeds

Cocoa nibs

Goji berries

Sliced banana



Throw all of the ingredients into a blender and mix on the highest speed for 30-60 seconds, or until evenly combined and the mixture is thick. Add more vegan milk if you are looking for a thinner consistency.

Add as many toppings as you like!