Make your home smell like Christmas in the preparation and anticipation of what’s often thought of as the best time of the year! A time for appreciating and being thankful for your loved ones, planning amazing food, making time for friends, and hibernating a little bit in thick, warm jumpers and cosy socks. It’s a time for hibernation and to slow down and reflect on what has been and the New Year fast approaching. At this time of the year, we spend a lot of time at home, so we may as well make it smell amazing for everyone to enjoy!

Christmas Aroma Oil Blends for your Home

These aroma oil blends can all be diffused or added to a steaming bath to make your home smell like Christmas, ready for all the guests and special moments you will be welcoming in.

Rudolph’s Wish

Stress-reducing Frankincense combined with earthy, grounding Carrot Seed oil and anxiety busting, uplifting Sweet Orange. Inspired by Rudolph’s favourite treat, this calming, grounding blend will help you feel as grounded as Rudolph needs to be in order to achieve his job of flying Santa all over the world in only one magical night.

Distilled water

2 drops of Carrot Seed

2 drops of Frankincense

3 drops of Sweet Orange

Santa’s Grotto

Eucalyptus is used to calm, grapefruit is incredibly uplifting and ginger is warming. This is the aroma that one imagines Santa’s grotto smells like, to keep Santa’s elves happy and healthy so that their hands can work as fast as possible in the busy run-up to Christmas.

Distilled water

2 drops of frankincense

2 drops of clove

2 drops of grapefruit

The Happy Snowman

This blend will leave you feeling warm despite the cold. This blend is inspired by wrapping up warm on Christmas day to walk off Christmas dinner with your family. Cedarwood improves focus and mental clarity, eucalyptus purifies, ginger warms and invigorates. The perfect combination to feel energised and alive and to keep that warm feeling lasting for the rest of the day.

Distilled Water

3 drops of Cedarwood

2 drops of Eucalyptus

2 drops of Ginger

Spiced Christmas Cookies

The smell of baked goods at Christmas time makes the house seem even more cosy and a place you definitely don’t want to leave for the cold outside. But we all know that Christmas is a busy time, so if there really is no time to make spiced cookies, you can recreate the smell in your diffuser with this aroma oil blend.

Distilled Water

5 drops of Orange

3 drops of Lemon

3 drops of Ginger

Road to Bethlehem

Inspired by the journey that the three wise men took to Bethlehem, this blend is calming as well as uplifting. Diffusing myrrh is helpful for upper respiratory infections and is often used as a meditative essential oil. It’s known to be grounding and to mellow out the emotions. Frankincense is also calming and combats negative emotions to balance out mood.

Distilled Water

3 drops of Frankincense

3 drops of Myrrh

3 drops of Cedarwood

5 drops of Sweet Orange (optional for a fruitier aroma)

Christmas Morning Excitement

Wake up with the energy and excitement of knowing you have a whole day ahead relaxing, spending time with loved ones and eating lots of food. Try this energising, uplifting and purifying blend to set the mood of the day.

Distilled Water

2 drops of Clove

3 drops of Grapefruit

3 drops of Black Pepper

3 drops of Eucalyptus

What will your home smell like this Christmas? Which blends will you be using?

Written by Jess Burman

Wellbeing writer

BA (Honours) in Writing