Often people ask, how to use a tongue scraper and find the whole contraption quite strange looking but really its as simple as it looks! The tongue scraper originates from India, specifically Ayurveda, the practise of ancient Indian medicine recommends tongue cleaning as an essential part of daily hygiene.

Tongue cleaning is meant to remove some of the millions of bacteria (up to 500 different types, decaying food debris, fungi (such as Candida), and dead cells, from the surface of the rear of the tongue.
Tongue cleaning is generally viewed as the solution for most cases of halitosis, or bad breath. Scientific studies have shown that in approximately 80-95% of cases, bad breath originates in the oral cavity, mainly from material on the rear of the tongue.

Tooth brushing and mouthwashes are not as effective as removing oral debris on the tongue, at best they mask bad breath. Tongue cleaning is by far the most effective way of combating bad breath.
How to use a Tongue Cleaner

Step 1 : Stick out your tongue as far as possible

Step 2 : Take the two ends of the tongue scraper and reach the arch of it to the back of your tongue.

Step 3 : Scrape firmly forward several times, rinsing the mucous off the scraper between. Don?t be afraid to apply strength when scraping.

Step 4 : Rinse the mouth once you are done

Step 5 : Wash your tongue scraper thoroughly in hot water, dry and put away.