In the fight for healthy looking skin stress can be one of the main obstacles in your way.

A new study from the British Association of Dermatologists claims that nine out of ten dermatologists have witnessed a rise in skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis since the credit crunch.

Financial issues have seen stress-related skin problems soar, with 41 per cent of professionals seeing a rise in these problems.

Meanwhile, almost half of dermatologists questioned said that the stresses which can fuel flare-ups or trigger skin conditions must be taken more seriously.

But how can you ease these stresses?

Essential oils

In order to relax you need to set the right sort of environment, which involves creating an atmosphere conducive to relaxing.

This could include running a warm bath and dropping in a couple of drops of essential oils or persuading a friend or partner to give you a calming massage using aromatherapy oils.

Simple touches such as a scented candle and a cup of herbal tea could make all the difference.


Having between six and eight hours sleep a night is a must if you want to reap skincare benefits. It’s not called beauty sleep for nothing!

Getting enough rest allows the skin cells to regenerate and heal, while not having enough sleep can lead to further stress.

Stress disrupts bodily functions and tired skin can easily become prone to flare ups, such as dry patches or angrier sections of rosacea.


Exercise, whether low impact such as yoga, or high impact like running, is proven to help relieve stress.

It releases endorphins, boosting your mood and allowing more oxygen into the blood stream. As well as this it keeps your body pumping and working better at fighting off infections and illnesses.

Also by exercising more you can ensure that your body is equally as tired as your mind at the end of the day, meaning you could find nodding off that little bit easier.