Jojoba oil is a botanical extract taken from a plant that is native to the Sonoran Desert, which is located in Northwest Mexico and the US’s Southwest. Experts within the beauty industry believe that it is an amazing moisturiser that can soften the scalp and skin.

Both men and women can take advantage of this golden nectar as it can make the skin emollient, even areas that are shaved often such as the face and legs. This versatile oil can even be used to make hair more shiny and manageable.

Using Jojoba Oil for the face

Jojoba oil is a universal beauty treatment as it works well with any skin type. The resplendent liquid works well with the oils - sebum - that naturally coats our skin so it is able to replenish and revive dry skin and also gets rid of the excess oil that causes greasy skin.

You may not know that it has anti-bacterial properties as well as the power to perfectly moisturise. Before the invention of topical medicines Native Americans used it for centuries to prevent and treat infections that appear on our bodies.

As it also contains elements that make give it an anti-inflammatory, making it a natural treatment for skin conditions like acne. Other products designed to rid the face of spots and blemishes can actually worsen the problem, but as Jojoba oil is an organic, non-greasy remedy and a naturally occurring antiseptic.

The perfect body moisturiser

Due to the fact that it is a waxy substance, Jojoba Oil can act as an effective barrier for parts of your body that are exposed to the elements, such as the face. Below are a few best practices for using this oil on the skin.

If applied to the body just after a bath or shower it has the power to make even the driest skin smooth and silky.

Many people suffer with dry and cracked feet and calloused hands - two conditions that can be combated with Jojoba oil.

You can use it to boost the effects of your regular moisturiser or you can use it on its own as an intense treatment. Try coating your feet with a few drops and sticking in your socks. Leave for at least an hour, or overnight to let the oil deeply penetrate the skin. Your feet will thank you as they’ll be soft and smooth once you release them from the socks.

How to use Jojoba oil for the hair

This essential oil can be used in a few different ways to condition the hair, making it lustrous and manageable. You can add a few drops to your regular conditioner to moisturise and boost your tresses, making them shiny and, more importantly, healthy. Rubbing a little of the oil through the hair before drying will also help add a glossy quality to your locks.

If you’re planning to go away this summer, don’t forget to pack the oil as it can protect your hair against damage from the chlorine in swimming pools and the high levels of salt found in the sea.

It can be used to moisturise the scalp as well. The oil is able to clean away crusted sebum residue, that can block the pores causing dandruff. Try massaging a couple of drops into the scalp to relieve any dryness.