Winter can be a difficult time of year. From harsher weather to shorter days there is plenty that can leave you feeling and looking drained. One of the things that is likely to feel the effects of the cold season is your hair.

Just as with your skin, colder temperatures and wild weather can leave your hair feeling dry and brittle. As the temperature drops, more moisture is sapped from hair, which can leave it brittle, dull and lifeless. Even if your hair is usually in good condition, you might find that the winter means that your bad hair day lasts a lot a longer. 

Unfortunately, it isn't just the weather outside that can affect the look and feel of your locks; going in and out of a centrally heated house can also cause more damage. You might welcome the increase in temperature when stepping in from the cold, but this can be a nightmare for hair.

As well as making sure that any increase in temperature is gradual so as not to distress your locks even more, it is important that you put as much moisture into your hair to protect it. 

Using a moisturising shampoo and conditioner throughout the winter will help to replace any moisture that is lost, which will keep your hair shiny and prevent split ends. However, it is important not to wash your hair too regularly as this can actually result in more moisture being lost from your hair.

If you want to ensure that your hair stays in top condition, try incorporating a hair oil treatment into your hair-care. Natural hair oils can help to nourish your hair deeply, which can reduce and protect against damage. Whether applying overnight or for only a few hours, hair oil will help make your locks softer, more nourished and much easier to manage.

As well as using the right products on your hair, it can also help to stop the weather and temperatures affecting it as much as possible. Just as you do with the rest of your body, when the cold weather hits wrap your hair up to keep it warm and dry.