With winter closing in and summer waving goodbye, it’s easy to fall into lazy routines and forget about keeping fit and healthy. Staying in with a hearty meal and a cup of hot chocolate seems a lot more appealing than going for a run in the rain and the cold.

Looking trim may also become less of a priority in winter, as we can cover up our bodies with baggy jumpers and winter coats. However, exercise has physical and emotional benefits that cannot be forgotten in winter. Your exercise regime doesn’t have to consist of freezing in the local park – there are many ways that you can stay fit without turning into an icicle.

Indoor activities

Activities like yoga are a great way to begin your winter fitness regime. With yoga, you have the ability to stay indoors and keep warm while you practice your moves. Yoga is also great if your regime has slackened over summer, as it is a simple and gentle exercise that doesn’t require too much movement. If you’re feeling a little bleak about the cold approaching as well, yoga is an ideal way to relax and relieve stress.

Buddy up

It’s much harder to motivate yourself to get up and out when the sun isn’t shining – so a perfect way to bring yourself back into the world of exercise is to partner up. It’s much more difficult to cancel plans with a friend than to tell yourself you’re not going to go out, so make sure you find a pal who wants to keep fit too. Gabrielle Nathan, freelance health and fitness writer, says that support from others is essential. "If you enjoy running my tip would be to join a running club where you're going to get support and coaching from people who are qualified and experienced."

Quick holiday?

The sunning season may be over, but according to Gabrielle Nathan, organising a trip to somewhere with a warmer climate and opportunities for fitness can be a superb way to get motivated towards a healthier lifestyle. She claims that living in a cold climate can make you lose your drive, and therefore going abroad could be the perfect opportunity to restart your fitness regime.

Posted by Freya Harper