There's nothing worse than someone telling you that you look tired. Everyone knows that the statement simply means "love, you're not looking your best."

Before reaching for the concealer and non-organic make-up, which does nothing for your complexion in the long term, try these natural tips to fight tired eyes.


Dark circles under eyes can be down to a lack of water in your diet.

"Dark circles are often a sign of dehydration, so the only way to improve them is to drink plentiful quantities of water or herbal teas," said Jane Druker, health and beauty expert.

She recommends at least eight glasses of water per day, and for individuals to avoid alcohol as this can disrupt sleep.

Avoid salt

Dermatologist Valerie Goldburt claims that salt can have a big effect on how tired we look.

"We have the thinnest skin around our eyes, so it's the area that's most influenced by the in-and-out flow of fluids," she asserted.

"Water always travels from areas in the body where there's low salt concentration to tissues where there's more salt."

To avoid puffiness, cut as much salt as possible out of your diet.

Take your make up off

It's so easy to forget, but we women need to remember to take all our make up off before we sleep.

"Sleeping in eye makeup can irritate your eyes, causing fluids to pool," Ms Goldburt said.


Obviously the main reason we look tired is because we are tired.

Sometimes just getting enough sleep isn't enough, however, it's the quality of sleep that counts, according to Sammy Margo, a sleep expert.

She advises implementing a strict bedtime routine, which should include sleeping in a cool room and having a hot, milky drink before nodding off.

"Reduce your alcohol intake by 20 per cent if you can and try and figure out what your caffeine cut off time is," she also advised.

Posted by Matilda Jones