Just like the skin on the rest of your face, it pays to give care to the skin on your lips.

After all, few would disagree that these provide a lovely and prominent feature of your face. And whether you have fuller lips that friends often comment on or finer lips that are a more subtle feature, one thing's for sure: People will be seeing this part of your body throughout the day.

The dreaded dryness

There really can be little more irritating in this life than having to deal with lips that are dry-ving you up the wall! It's one of those things that can really take the edge off the day, leaving you feel rotten.

It can make eating a pain, and leave you feeling like your lips are looking rubbish - the perfect way to sap confidence.

Lip dryness is a common problem, that for some can become worse in the winter. This chilly period of the year is just not very considerate when it comes to lips, often leading them to become dried out, rough and perhaps even sore.

So the winter period - a season a lot of us aren't big fans of at the best of times - is one when many of us will try to seek out a good balm to improve the situation.

If lip dryness is something you're facing, why not give a quality lip balm like our Hydrating balm a go?

This handy product can be used on lips as and when it's needed and contains fantastic shea butter, as well as amazing avocado oil. It offers you nourishment and hydration in a handbag friendly package!

Shea butter and avocado are also ingredients in our brilliant Anti-wrinkle lip balm. This also has rosehip seed oil, evening primrose oil and more, in a product aimed at keeping signs of aging at bay.

Scent central

Scent plays a big part in our reaction to lip balm products, and it really does help if you love the smell of a product - either because it's subtle, or because it smells wonderful!

That joyful moment as you open your balm and take in the scent can be a really great part of using a balm - and one of the things that makes using them so fun!

Perfect prices

Another brilliant thing about lip balms is the fact they're such affordable treats! Great as little gifts for your girl friends, they are also brilliant ways to treat yourself to something small that could really help your lips to feel better.

We think they're a brilliant product, and that if you bring out one of our Fushi varieties when you feel like your lips need help in future, friends are sure to want to know more about it!