With Christmas parties coming up all over the shop, huge numbers of ladies are already planning their party outfit.

In addition to the party outfit, many women pick out which make up they want to go with it – whether it's the natural look, dark, smokey eyes, or full on bright eyeshadow to really get the disco started.

Whatever make up style you choose to don for your Christmas party, make sure it sits on your face as beautifully as possible.


Before you do anything, make sure that your skin is clear of any previous make up or dirt by exfoliationg your skin

“Exfoliate your skin daily using a non abrasive and preferably organic product - this will ensure that any dead skin cells are dissolved or sloughed away, enabling your skin to absorb any nutrients from your moisturiser,” says Amanda McGillivray, founder of The Natural Skincare Company.

Start with sunscreen

This may sound bizarre given the weather, but sunscreen really is the key to looking young.

Sun damage is the number one cause of premature ageing, so if you want to stay wrinkle-free, don't dismiss it!

Some sunscreens are more beneficial than others, according to Louise Thomas-Minns, skin therapist and founder of uandyourskin.co.uk.

“It's also more beneficial if your sunscreen contains antioxidants too. Look out for those with vitamin E or the super-charged antioxidant Idebenone,” she explains.


The perfect base is moisturiser, as it seals up any dry cracks in your skin – ensuring that your foundation goes on smoothly, leaving you looking matte.

This is especially important during the winter months, as the wind and cold can dry out your skin even more.


Some women like to use a primer before they apply their make up.

They are a relatively recent invention and are designed to hold make up in place

After your primer, your skin should be make up ready!

Posted by Freya Harper