The list of things to do at Christmas seems to be endless, even weeks before the big day!

Just one of the things on the list is writing and sending Christmas cards – an arduous task indeed.

The average person, despite appreciating the sentiment, normally chucks away the card straight after Christmas.

Not only does this say very little about the cards they receive, it's also extremely detrimental to the environment.

Why not make your card one to remember this year, as well as doing your bit for the environment?

Get the card

Begin by getting together all the cards that you've received throughout the years.

Buying new paper is no good for the environment, but recycling old paper is exactly what we need.

Cut out your favourite scenes or letters from magazines.

For example, cutting out a mixed bag of letters that spell Happy Christmas will mark your card out as perfectly unique and incredibly creative.

If you can't find any old card big enough for the base of your cards, then buy some recycled card at a shop.

Get sticking

Once you've cut out all your favourite scenes, glue them to your bigger base pieces of card.

You could even get really creative and cut shapes out of mismatched pieces of card.

A really good arty idea is to cut tree, snowmen and other festive shapes out of newspaper before sticking them on to a contrasting piece of card.

The results may surprise you!

Get embellishing!

At this point, you really can get creative.

Add glitter, ribbon, old pieces of fabric, stitching – anything you can think of to give your card a really personal touch.

You could even add photos of your family onto the front. Try putting some cotton wool over your mouths to make you look like Santa!

These cards will mean so much more than the run-of-the-mill shop bought card, and they will certainly get you in the festive spirit when you make them!

Posted by Freya Harper