There are a number of different oils that can help to moisturise, smooth and generally brighten your skin, but one option that shows some of the best results is marula oil. This gorgeous product can help to keep skin looking clear, smooth and youthful while giving you a beautiful glow everyday.

Marula oil is often referred to as Africa's miracle oil and has been used for hundreds of years by women throughout the continent. It is taken from the fruit kernels of Kenya's marula tree and has a number of uses, including preserving food and healing the skin.

When it comes to using it on the skin, marula oil really does do everything it says on the bottle. It is an incredibly lightweight oil that penetrates through the skin's layers to provide deep and effective moisturisation without laying thickly on the skin or making it greasy.

The oil has a high concentration of antioxidants, which are absorbed into the skin and help to repair it on a cellular level, meaning it is better to create new, healthy cells. This keeps skin looking fresh and moisturised, while also helping to combat ageing.

It also helps to thicken your skin and maintain its elasticity, meaning that it won't sag - one of the signs of ageing skin. This is because marula oil contains a high dose of vitamin C, as well as monounsaturated fatty acids. Applying the oil on a regular basis helps to keep skin smooth and firm, avoiding wrinkles and giving you a lasting youthful appearance.

You can use the oil on your face and on the rest of your body for great results. It is perfect for areas that tend to get incredibly dry - such as the knees, elbows and heels - as it locks in moisture, smoothes and helps to get rid of flaky, white patches. It also helps to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks, so is a great product to include in your skincare routine during and after pregnancy.