Are you looking for an oil that can help with anti-aging effects? This is something that people are likely to want to find in many of the natural beauty products they buy.

Well, marula oil, which might be an oil you have yet to come across, is thought to have this benefit. A moisturising oil, people say that it hydrates skin and gives it nourishment, among other benefits.


Greasiness is something people often want to avoid when it comes to choosing an oil for their skin.

Well they shouldn't have a problem in this area if they go for marula oil, because the skin absorbs it easily and it isn't greasy.

What does it contain?

The nutrient content of skin oils is often discussed, and marula oil can claim to have not only Vitamin E but also Vitamin C within. Not only that, but you'll find fatty acids inside, too.

Where does it come from?

This useful oil comes from the marula tree, a variety of plant life that can be found in Africa.

Yellowish in colour, this tree's fruit isn't commonly seen in the UK, but is where marula oil actually comes from. The kernels of this fruit are what is used in making marula oil.

Using the oil

This pleasing oil can be used as simply as many other similar products: by massaging it into the skin and enjoying its smooth texture.

Further research

If this oil has piqued your interest, why not also look into similar products that you might enjoy?

Argan oil, for example is sometimes brought up in relation to marula oil, with people saying the latter oil has greater antioxidant levels, compared to the former.

That's not to say you shouldn't take a look at Argan oil, however, which is another exciting moisturising oil!

One of the exciting things about natural beauty products is that you can often find out about products you haven't come across before, and which could potentially work well with you beauty routine!