Maskne is a new word that’s on (and around) everyone’s lips right now …

What is it and what causes it Maskne, a word that we never heard until 2020, is the development of blemishes and breakouts on the cheeks, chin and jawline as a result of wearing a face mask or covering. It is thought that Maskne is caused from the friction that occurs between our skin and the masks not to mention the condensation that we are breathing out of our mouths going onto our skin.

Maskne prevention tips:

Opt for washable masks rather than disposable

Organic cotton and silk masks are softer on the skin and helping to reduce friction, reducing inflammation and redness.

Wash your mask after every use

Add it into your routine as soon as you get home to avoid germs lingering and bacteria growing inside your mask that can get into open pores causing breakouts. We recommend washing your mask and face as soon as you get home

Protect to Prevent:

Applying a barrier cream under the mask acts as a layer between the mask and your delicate skin, we know we’re bias but we think our Biovedic Face Cream is the perfect barrier to keep skin prevent and protect throughout the day

Maintain a healthy and active lifestyle

It’s true when they say that the skin is a reflection of what is happening inside the body so nourishing your body from the inside with fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds is vital to building a healthy skin foundation.

Products to support
When combating maskne it is important to support the skin internally and externally. Focusing on topical treatments to reduce breakouts and minimize inflammation.

Antimicrobial – Tamunu oil:
Rich in antioxidants and famous for its antibacterial properties, this oil of the gods is the savior for working to fight against polluted skin whilst building, healing and regenerating skin.

Balance – Organic Jojoba oil:
Rebalance and soothe with anti-inflammatory properties that moisturize and promote healing. Jojoba oil also has added antimicrobial properties also to keep redness at bay.

Cleanse - BioVedic Enzyme Face Wash:
Wash away the day with this exfoliating and rejuvenating cleanser. Uniquely formulated using Ayurvedic herbs such as Manjistha and Saffron to boost skin cell renewal, balance the skins pH and promote long lasting radiance

Direct– Organic Tea tree oil:
For those frustrating blemishes that always make an appearance when we least expect them – a potent anti-inflammatory oil with anti-microbial properties. Blend with your favourite carrier oil to calm redness, swelling and inflammation to prevent pigmentation and scarring