New research has shown that regular meditation could have far more benefits than originally thought.

A study from Georgia Health Sciences University has found that meditating regularly could decrease the risk of developing cardiovascular disease in young people.

As it helps to relax the mind and body there are numerous health benefits associated with meditation, according to Jillian Lavender, director and co-founder of the London Meditation Centre.

These include:


"In meditation the mind and the body settle down to a very deep level of rest," Ms Lavender said.

The meditation expert explained: "Specific benefits include reduced tension and anxiety, increased resistance to stress and faster recovery from stress, improved memory and concentration, reduced insomnia, increased energy and improved health."

She also said that with all these psychological positives, relationships can feel easier and the physical signs of biological ageing and stress less apparent.

Heart health benefits

Ms Lavender claimed that while meditation is well known for its mental positives it in fact helps with many physical health issues as well.

Time spent in a more relaxed mental state can bring about a reduction in cholesterol and a drop in blood pressure, which in turn could lessen the risk of atherosclerosis or stroke.


Engaging in meditation is a brilliant way to concentrate on healthy living both inside and out.

It can help reduce negative emotions, such as stress and depression, allowing you to clear your head.

Meditation can also help to detox the body as well, according to the director and co-founder of the London Meditation Centre.

"Studies on meditation have shown to reduce blood pressure, lower insulin resistance and decrease dependency on smoking," and other addictive substances, which is great if you’re looking for a way to cut down or give up altogether.

Posted by Freya Harper