Melinda Szepesi: A London Yoga Teacher on the Practice of Yoga for Strength of Mind and Body and Supporting Your Body’s Natural Ability to Detox

We sat down with London-based yoga instructor, Melinda Szepesi, to talk all about her journey with her yoga practice, how she uses its principles in her everyday life, and how detoxification is an added bonus.

At the end of 2015, Melinda completed her 200hr Ashtanga and Rocket Teacher Training course with The Yoga People, and then she moved on to their Yin and Chakras 100hr course. Melinda travelled to India in March 2017 to complete her 100hr of Mandala and Shamanism teacher training.

Her discovery of yoga has been life changing, and she believes there is still so much to learn, and she can only deepen her practice. Melinda runs scheduled classes and private classes to individuals and groups. This includes home visits. You can find out more information about her journey and classes on her website.

➢ How did you find yoga?

It was 2011 and I needed something to keep my mind focused and my body healthy. My friend brought me to my first yoga class in Budapest, after which I started practicing regularly. Unfortunately, all the traveling with my modelling work shifted my focus and didn’t allow me time to practice up until the end of 2014. It was then that I finally managed to sign up for an introduction offer in London and haven’t looked back since.

➢ How has your yoga practice changed you as a person?

I am naturally a calm person, on the surface… But on the inside I hear a continuous chattering in my head and I tend to be the biggest over thinker and planner. Yoga helped me to see that I can stop and take a moment to enjoy the here and now. It helped me to feel grounded again, I felt better in both my body and mind.

➢ What have been the highlights of your career so far?

It is hard to say. I had been working in a very different industry up until the beginning of this year, when I finally decided to become a full time teacher. Every new class is an achievement, every “thank you” at the end of my class is a highlight of my day and life. I think we can achieve so much and reach for the stars, but one should also appreciate the little achievements of the day!

➢ What do you like most about your job, and why?

I can share what I love, a practice that changed me and opened my world so much. I’ve got to witness the little achievements of my students, see and feel them find stillness, as well as seeing my students stepping up to become a teacher!

➢ How do you apply the values and principles of yoga in your everyday life?

The main thing I take away from yoga is staying in yoga even when I am off my mat. For me the practice teaches you to be patient, to listen to yourself, not to take everything personally. Showing respect and acceptance towards everyone and anyone. We are all different. We are all dealing with our own demons. We are all equal!

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➢ Are there any benefits of practising yoga while detoxing, and if so, what are they?

We all have the amazing organs to detoxify our body and they are able to do it on their own (unless you’ve been living on the edge). But that doesn’t mean you can’t support the work of these organs! Yoga itself is all about getting rid of toxins on a physical level, but also mentally! We sweat, we breathe deeply and we twist, which can help our digestion. This all helps the natural detoxing process of your body.

➢ Is a particular type of yoga better while detoxing?

All types of yoga are good for you! Any flowing yoga practice will encourage you to breathe and move, and therefore sweat. Yin teaches you to be still and hold the postures longer, yet the twists can increase the levels of metabolism and certain pranayama (breath control) practices can help you with the detoxification processes.

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➢ There are a lot of myths around yoga and detox; can yoga actually have any impact on cleansing the liver, kidneys and skin?

I believe that our body can detox on its own. It is just so in fashion to do detox programs. Yoga should be a practice that gives you an escape of worrying about everything that happens in your life and give you free space to be happy with yourself. The fact that it helps you to detox is just an added bonus. The two shouldn’t be mixed together.

➢ Which poses would you recommend to support the body’s detox process?

Any twists.

➢ What are your favourite Fushi products and why?

My favourite Fushi products are the carrier beauty oils! I always loved oils and I am so happy I can use them in my classes as well! My top 3 Fushi oils would be avocado oil, jojoba oil and the macadamia oil. They are all so amazing and feel great on the skin. I also love mixing my own oils using almond oil as a base and essential oils to make them special.