Both men and women enjoy the fantastic activity that is yoga, of course.

And over the years, a variety of male sports stars have talked about their experiences with this potentially beneficial activity that so many of us enjoy - potentially inspiring men to take it up in the process.

One of the most recent sports personalities to talk yoga is Darren Barker, the famous boxer, who the BBC reports has said: "I've incorporated yoga into my training. The flexibility and breathing awareness has really benefited me."

The sports star was speaking to radio station BBC London 94.9 in advance of a forthcoming important boxing match. He's set to fight for the prize of the IBF middleweight belt with fellow boxer Daniel Geale soon, at an event over in the US.

"I can't imagine seeing Sylvester Stallone doing a 'downward dog' in Rocky," the boxer has joked, referring to the famous boxer played by Stallone in several popular films.

He also quipped that, if he's successful in Saturday's match, "we might see everyone sitting on pink mats bending over backwards".

If you're a yoga fan, but the man in your life hasn't tried the activity, why not take on the task of showing him the benefits?

If you attend a mixed sex class, or the place you practice yoga holds classes for men, why not invite him along?

You could get even more out of the hobby if both of you are taking part, after all, and if the pair of you are yoga fans, you'll be able to help each other keep the activity up at home, too.

Presenting your man with his own mat from the extensive collection of yoga mats available could give him the motivation he needs to give this activity a go. And of course these mats are available in a variety of colours, not just feminine shades!

If the man in your life becomes a yoga fan, his range of yoga equipment could grow even larger. There are yoga-appropriate clothing options such as shorts on the market that he's sure to love.

We all know men can get very passionate about their hobbies when they get going, and yoga is no different!

Even if he's never thought of doing it before, we predict your man will love this activity, which could benefit his body.