A latest new article from Reuters Health NEW YORK (Reuters Health) reports on Milk Thistle, a herb used since ancient times to treat liver ailments.

The Reuters report writes that Milk Thistle may help reduce the liver damage caused by some cancer drugs, study published Monday suggests.

The study was carried out on 50 children undergoing chemotherapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), researchers found that Milk Thistle appeared to reduce treatment-related liver inflammation.

According to senior researcher Dr. Kara M. Kelly, a paediatric oncologist at Columbia University Medical Centre in New York, the findings are "promising"

Although this is the first clinical trial to test the herb in children undergoing chemotherapy for ALL, more research is needed.

Milk Thistle?s plant?s flowers and seeds have been used for centuries to treat liver disorder and the. In recent years, lab research has found that the active substance in milk thistle -- an antioxidant called silybin might help prevent body tissue damage by blocking toxins from breaching cell walls.

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