Our skin tends to suffer breakouts and dry patches when we’re stressed or not eating very well, so why not try natural beauty products to soothe angry skin and get it feeling and looking hydrated again?

Ruth Styles, green living editor at The Ecologist, explained: "The main benefit of using organic products is that you know more or less exactly what you’re getting. No organic product will contain nasties such as parabens, white petrolatum and sulphates."

Most organic beauty products will also contain no traces of pesticides or other agrichemicals, which could be a godsend to those of us with skin that’s ready to flare up at the first sign of an irritant.

"Organic products tend to be better for sensitive skin, as some of the chemicals in conventional products can irritate it," Ms Styles added.

Meanwhile, research has found that women in their mid-twenties could be in need of a new skincare regime because many are suffering from adult acne due to stress.

Dermatologists at Nantes University Hospital revealed that high levels of stress can release male hormones in women, which leads to the pores becoming clogged with higher oil production. This in turn causes hard, painful lumps to form under the skin.

Dr Susannah Baron of Kent and Canterbury Hospital commented: "It’s time to re-evaluate who we think gets acne. It’s not recognised enough how much it affects the lives of adult women.

"For many, it kicks in in later life when they have to juggle families and careers at the same time. Many of the female patients I see also have stressful jobs and a lot to deal with. Interestingly, many of them did not have significant acne as a teenager," she added.

Natural skincare products could help to soothe angry skin and bring down inflammation caused by breakouts.

Posted by Laura Andrews