The beauty world is constantly evolving and each year has its own set of trends! In most recent years, it’s becoming evident that ethical, organic and natural products are gaining interest, but there’s a few more specific trends that tie in with this. Here’s what you can expect for natural beauty trends in 2019!

Concentrated Active Ingredients

In recent years, it has been popular to have many skincare steps in your routine, especially as the Korean beauty and skincare scene and their ‘ten-step’ routine has created so much hype here in the West. However, for 2019, you can expect a more streamlined approach to beauty regimes to be more of a trend. In Korea, new hybrid products are being created as a step away from their usual multi-step approach. This allows one product to tone and hydrate in one, for example, and promotes returning to a more minimalist approach to skincare. The idea is to use fewer but harder working products. And using higher concentrations of effective ingredients is more efficient, not to mention cheaper, than buying countless products that end up cluttering your beauty shelves and bathroom cabinet.

Zero Waste

Zero waste is a major movement at the moment, as more people are searching for ways to commit to sustainability and reduce their global footprint. The beauty industry is becoming more environmentally-conscious by committing to making a positive impact on the reduction of plastic pollution. Certain beauty campaigns are promoting zero waste packaging and many consumers are getting behind them. It’s true that plastic is the enemy and zero waste is the new best friend. Nowadays, more people are looking for brands that actively care about the planet, and this often means they want to know that every purchase they buy will create a positive impact, as opposed to leaving destruction. Companies that are transparent about their values, where their ingredients are sourced from, their packaging, and how ethically workers are paid and treated are becoming important to consumers who want to align with a brand they can trust.

Wellness Beauty

There were many beauty launches in 2018 associated with wellness. More beauty campaigns promoting that health and beauty go hand in hand appeared on the scene, and this will only continue to develop in 2019. As people become more aware of what goes on their skin, as well as what they put in their body, more products are being created to meet this concern. Creating more balance in life and making healthier choices is linked to external beauty. As more people are becoming conscious of this, there is a growing trend for products that work both internally and topically, promoting wellbeing from the inside out.

Ritualistic, Mindful Routines

As more beauty brands embrace wellness in the creation of their products, more products appear to be embracing the practice of rituals as a theme. These ritual themes surrounding beauty products cement both old-time tradition and the modern day interest in slowing down and being mindful of their time. People think that they can slow down with their new favourite beauty product, and use it as part of their wellbeing routine. As mental wellbeing becomes a top priority for many people today, you can expect more products associated with using rituals to relax.

Products that are Both Vegan and Natural

Consumers are looking for products that are cruelty-free and pertained from natural. It seems a greater respect for our natural ingredients, where they are sourced from, and treating the animals of our planet well are all becoming more mainstream! However, vegan products are now becoming more of a major movement than a trend.

Hemp Extract Oil

As a fast-growing crop, hemp’s uses extend beyond beauty and wellbeing, and has started being used for fashion, packaging, paper, and bags. Hemp is a plant oil that more people are including in their diets as a plant source of protein, also full of fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants. Hemp extract oil has been buzzing around the beauty and wellbeing world more significantly in the past year and will only continue to do so in 2019. This year will see Hemp extract oil used in more skincare products and offered as a product by more companies as the legislation surrounding it becomes more relaxed. In our fast-paced, chronically stressed and fatigued society, Hemp extract oil and what it can potentially offer in pain, anxiety, stress, and insomnia relief, is only becoming more popular.

Are you interested in any of these natural beauty trends? Will you be incorporating any of them? Let us know!

Written by Jess Burman

Wellbeing Writer

BA (Honours) Writing