What is a natural shampoo or a SLS free shampoo?

There are a numerous cosmetics and body care products that may describe their contents as natural. It is important to realise that natural can sometimes be an ambiguous term, and to really get to the bottom of it is to make sure your shampoo is chemical free is to make sure the following ingredients have not been included.

- No Detergents or Surfactants.
- No Parabens or Preservatives.
- No Synthetic Additives.
- No petroleum based ingredients
- Should contain organic and natural ingredients.
- No Animal Testing.
- Earth & Skin Friendly.

A natural shampoo and conditioner should not contain Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS). This is a harsh chemical and has been known to actually damage hair follicles, cause irritation, damage skin and cannot be metabolised by the liver. Therefore this remains as a residue in the body much longer and more precious energy is needed to get rid of this. SLS is a common ingredient that is used in most mainstream shampoo and soap brands.

A natural shampoo and conditioner should also be free from Parabens. Parabens are very commonly used in most beauty products and are preservatives that help in extending the shelf life of these products. Recent studies have linked parabens to increased estrogen levels, which are said to possibly increase the risk of breast cancer.

A natural shampoo should not contain artificial colours and fragrances also known as parfum. These can also cause skin sensitivity, and can be irritating on the skin and body.

Phthalates, ethyl alcohol, DEA, TEA, Propylene glycol and PEGs are all chemicals very commonly used in beauty and body care products. Natural shampoos and conditioners would not contain any one of these ingredients. So a chemical free shampoo will not have any of the above ingredients, no chemical additives or animal products.

There are many gentle, non-toxic replacements for SLS?s that are derived from coconut or corn. These are most commonly used in natural shampoos, such as Sodium Lauryl Glucose Carboxylate which is quite often used ÿas a foaming agent.

Fushi’s natural hair care range is free from all these chemicals and detergents. It is made from organic herbs and natural oils, butters and aromatic waters with natural foaming agents that are derived from coconut and corn. Natural shampoos will not foam as much as high street brands. However this does not mean they are any less effective, in fact they clean justÿ as well, but without the damaging and harsh effects of the chemicals, leaving your hair in a healthier condition for the long term.