As eczema becomes more common, more people are trying to find a natural treatment or natural cream for this itchy skin condition. Using natural remedies to help clear eczema will result in less harm to the skin, fewer side effects, and a feeling of greater control over your skin disorder.

Although the exact causes of eczema can sometimes be unclear, it is believed to result from a hyperactive response of our immune system to an irritant. Some people have a genetic tendency to develop allergies and who are additionally exposed to triggers like pollen, mites, fungi.ÿ Exposure to materials such as wool, certain cosmetics, certain foods, extremes of temperature may worsen the condition.

Herbs and oils that are known to ease eczema are:-

  • Chickweed and Chamomile are both known to reduce itching and inflammation associated with eczema.
  • Chickweed has Anti-pruritic properties, which means that it helps relieve sensation of itching or prevents it. Olive oil is also known as an anti pruritic and can be soothing as well as antiseptic on the skin.
  • The renowned Calendula Petals are anti inflammatory, and particularly help with wound healing whilst protecting and nourishing irritated skin. Excellent for eczema and chapped skin conditions.
  • Chamomile Essential Oil is anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal. One of the most important uses of chamomile is in treating skin inflammations; its soothing properties ease eczema.
  • Hempseed Oil Soothing is moisturising and anti-inflammatory and soothing for the skin.

All these natural and healing ingredients have been formulated in our top selling natural cream for Eczema, called Eczmaid.

A very healing ointment for itchy, dry and inflamed skin, Eczmaid is suitableÿ for both children