Headaches are one of the most irritating types of pain. They're not enough to stop you from going into work or doing your everyday chores, but they completely upset your whole day.

They make you tired, frustrated, unable to focus and upset.

Women especially seem to be plagued with headaches. Stress from work is only amplified by the endless amounts of chores and family work at home.

Although the majority of people turn to tablets to alleviate their headache, the relief given from paracetamol and ibuprofen is often brief and the pain simply returns hours later.

If you want to avoid chemical solutions, there are many natural homeopathic remedies you can try to help get rid of your headache.

Drink water

Good old water is almost always the answer to any physical ailment. However, with headaches more than any other pain, water can be the quickest, cheapest and easiest solution.

Headaches are often down to dehydration, so drinking plenty of it rehydrates your body and your brain, lessening the pain of the headache and restoring you back to your normal perky self!

A great way to stop a headache in its tracks is to ensure that you get plenty of water every day. This will severely reduce your chances of getting ill.

Cut out the caffeine

Although many people believe that the cause of their headaches is a lack of caffeine, what not many individuals know is that caffeine is actually a main cause of the frustrating pain.

If you need a cup of coffee or tea to get you out of bed in the morning, that could be the root of your problem.

Of course a warm drink is an absolute necessity as the nights get colder, but why not try a herbal tea or drink instead? Not only are these free of headache-inducing caffeine, they are also full of vitamins which will you keep you healthy and happy.

Posted by Laura Andrews