First and foremost, the size of a woman's breasts should make no difference to the way that they see themselves, or the way that others see them.

We are told from a very young age that breasts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and that absolutely every variation is completely normal and natural and something to be proud of.

Despite this, pressures from the media, other people and our own demons force many women to feel very self-conscious about their cleavage.

This lack of confidence often occurs after child-birth, when it is completely ordinary for a woman's breasts to change shape and size from what they were before the pregnancy.

A shortness of confidence can affect a woman's every day life - disallowing her from becoming the person that she should be.

"Lack of self esteem is caused by many factors and certainly breast size may be one of them. The problem occurs when it becomes an obsession and thoughts that surgery will be life changing," Dr Patrick Bowler says.

Before deciding to go under the knife, there are some natural things that you can do to boost your confidence in your chest.

Breasts are thought to become firmer, and sometimes even larger if a woman has a healthy life style.

In particular, Vitamins A, C and E are thought to strengthen the fatty tissue that breasts are made up from. Vitamin C is meant to improve skin texture, which could mean a more pleasing cleavage.

If your lack of confidence comes from discomfort in the breast area, evening primrose oil can have a seriously positive effect. It is full of fatty oils and GLA (gamma linolenic acid) which helps to control the production of bad prostaglandin, which can cause heat and inflammation in the breasts.

Improving your posture can also help to give you a pair that you can be proud of.

A quick and easy way to perk up your posture is by yoga which can really help to relax, tone and build up your body, especially your chest area. For specific poses which can strengthen your upper body, try reading a specialist book to get you started.

Posted by Matilda Jones