Incontinence is something that not many people are willing to speak up about, but it is something that affects a huge amount of women in the country, especially as they get older.

It's nothing to be ashamed of it, nor is it necessarily a healthy worry.

There are many natural preventative methods that work for lots of women, helping them regain their confidence and reach their true feminine potential.

Vitamin D

Classic Vitamin D generally promotes good health and bone strength, particularly strengthening the pelvic muscles that control the bladder.

A great way to get this vitamin is through sunlight, but, given the current climate, that isn't always possible.

It can be found in a whole host of nutritional supplements which are also beneficial for a whole host of other health reasons.

Keeping fit

Being overweight can be a cause of incontinence, therefore losing a few extra pounds could severely up your chances of staying in control.

Training your bladder is always a great way of maintaining command. A great way to learn skills of patience, tone and strength are through yoga, which is also a fun and easy exercise.

Quit smoking

Smoking is thought to weaken your bladder; therefore ditching the fags for good could cut incontinence for life.

Now is the perfect time to give them up - with thousands of other smokers working hard in Stoptober.

Cutting out caffeine

Caffeine is also thought to add to the problem.

If you, like many others, need a tea or warm drink to get you out of bed in the morning, then fear not!

There are lots of herbal teas and drinks available that not only do not contain the dreaded caffeine; they also contain a variety of vitamins that keep you strong and healthy.

Posted by Freya Harper