There’s nothing more irritating than beginning a sentence only to completely forget what you planned to say. Or, equally as annoying, dashing out to the shops in desperate need of something, and then drawing an utter blank. All hope is not lost! There are some natural ways to improve your memory and wave farewell to forgetfulness.

Brainy beverage

A Japanese favourite, green tea, has long been hailed as a memory enhancer. Researchers believe that the chemical properties of this flavoursome brew could have an impact on our ability to retain information. Somehow the substances present in green tea affect the generation of brain cells, which in turn enhance our memory and spatial learning.

Superfoods for a super-memory

Superfoods (hyperlink: owe their name to the concentrated array of nutritive benefits they contain. One of the many supposed advantages of superfoods is that they keep your brain youthful and attentive. The thinking behind this is that the better insulated a brain cell is, the faster it sends messages to the rest of your body – speeding up your thinking and reactions. Superfoods keep your brain cells nice and toasty and allow for this swift thinking!

Gentle exercise, such as yoga, is an ideal way to keep your brain active and prohibit those embarrassing scatty moments. It has also been known to have psychic benefits – so getting the mat out could lead to a better brain!

Rest your way to recall

Any excuse to sleep for longer is one that we’ll happily jump at, so, hurrah! Here we go again, another excuse to stay in bed. Sleep is thought to improve both our short and long-term memory - another blissful reason to get an extra five minutes.

Posted by Matilda Jones