Do you feel like your sex drive isn't what it used to be?

If so, you're not alone.

Women of all ages can be affected by a low sex drive, with reasons ranging from the menopause to stress.

Despite a low libido being a completely natural occurrence, it can make some women feel ashamed, isolated and frustrated.

Before reaching for medical remedies to the problem, try these natural ways to improve your sex drive.


A tired and un-stimulated brain and body is less likely to want to have sex.

"A body that is stressed doesn't necessarily want to roll about in the sheets. De-stressing and feeling comfortable in your body is incredibly important in keeping a healthy sex drive," Charlotte Watts, nutritional therapist explains.

Yoga is the perfect way to arouse your body and mind - helping you feel physically fit, as well as de-stressing your brain.

It's a really quick fix as well, as you can simply whip out your yoga mat and channel your inner 'zen' there and then.

So long smoking (and wine..)

Smoking and excessive drinking have been known to have a detrimental affect on blood flow to the sexual organs.

Although a glass of wine may be the perfect companion to calm first date nerves, it may be best just to keep it to one or two.

If wine is your bed-time vice, why not try instead a herbal tea? It's a great substitute for the warm comfort wine gives, as well as being jam packed with nutrients that just make our skin glow!

Relieve the pressure

The most important thing is to remember not to put too much pressure on yourself. Low sex drive is a problem that is common among women and can affect any person at any time.

"The most important thing is to understand what's caused it in terms of being able to overcome it and recognising that ups and downs are normal," sex therapist Paula Hall explains.

Posted by Freya Harper