Once the due date has been and gone, expectant mothers don’t only get more nervous and anxious, they get very uncomfortable and frustrated.

It’s no fun waiting around apprehensively to see your new creation, especially after you’ve longed to meet them for a full 40 weeks.

It can be scary, painful and stressful.

Although you shouldn’t worry too much, (due dates are actually only estimates), there are some natural things you can try that may help induce labour without harming your baby.

Castor oil

Organic castor oil has been used for centuries for its supposed therapeutic and medicinal benefits, as well as to speed up the entrance of our new arrivals.

Castor oil is thought to stimulate a woman’s uterus, encouraging the little one to pop out.

Raspberry leaf

Raspberry leaf has long been used to spur on contractions.

The properties present in the leaf are thought to relax the uterus and pelvic muscles, bringing on contractions.

It is taken simply by adding it to water, and the recommended dosage is 1ml to 5ml tincture diluted in water three times a day.

Raspberry leaf can also be taken in tablet form.


The idea behind walking when pregnant is that the recurring beat of your walking will stimulate the release of something called oxytocin. Oxytocin is a hormone which is thought to trigger contractions, introducing your new arrival to the world.

Remember not to wear yourself out too much though. If it does work, labour is a very arduous process and you will need your energy!

Certain foods

Eating particular foods has long been a favourite with expectant mothers.

Foods that are most commonly thought to introduce labour are curry and pineapple - curry as spicy foods are thought to arouse your tummy and kickstart contractions; pineapple because it contains the labour inducing enzyme bromelain.

Posted by Matilda Jones