Snoring affects many men and women in the UK.

Not only can it be irritating and uncomfortable, for many couples the problem is enough to force them to sleep is separate bedrooms.

This can be incredibly disruptive to a relationship - affecting intimacy, confidence and sex life.

It can make the person snoring feel embarrassed and guilty for something they have no control over. The partner may feel irritated and anxious about their lack of sleep.

There are some simple natural tips that can help stop snoring.

Changing your sleep position

Although it is difficult to change a lifetime habit of sleeping in a certain way, it is thought that sleep position has the biggest effect on the level of snoring.

Many people have found that sleeping on their side reduces the amount they snore - for the majority of individuals it completely stops them snoring.

Sleeping on your back is the main cause of snoring as the base of your tongue and soft palate move to the back of your mouth. This causes a vibration.

Losing weight

Although slim people can snore as well, people who are overweight are more likely to snore.

Of course the way to lose those extra pounds is by exercising more and eating more healthily.

A simple and effective exercise that helps you lose weight without the pain is yoga.

Avoid alcohol and tobacco

Both of these vices have been known to increase noise levels at bed time.

Alcohol in particular is a sedative which reduces the resting tone of the muscles in the back of your throat. When you’ve drank a few hours before sleeping, you are far more likely to snore.

Of course, many individuals love a bed time drink. Instead of reaching for the wine, try a relaxing herbal tea.

As well as stopping snoring, these drinks have been developed to treat and assist with a vast array of other conditions.

Posted by Freya Harper