As the old adage goes, to look young and naturally beautiful, you have to nurture your inside. Most fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants and vitamins vital for good skin. Antioxidants are essential to help ward off free radicals that we encounter in our everyday lives. through smoking sunbathing, fried and junk food, infections, stress, radiation and polluted environments. All these elements make us age and by making sure we eat plenty of fruits and veg rich in antioxidants, we help slow down this process.

Fruits such as the superfoods blue berries, black berries, strawberries, black plums, apples, red grapes are all rich in anti oxidants. Veggies are also great source of antioxidants, because almost all contain one or more of the following: vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium and beta carotene, all hailed for having high antioxidant properties. Dark orange, red, yellow and green vegetables, such as broccoli, kale, spinach, sweet potatoes, carrots, red peppers and yellow peppers, are all excellent sources of beta carotene also known as Vitamin A. This helps rejuvenate and protect the complexion, and it promotes efficient skin cell regeneration - important in order to maintain the skin?s suppleness. It also works to block the sun?s UV rays we are exposed to when outside too long

When you don?t get enough of these, free radicals can do permanent damage to the skin, and this can lead to discoloration, dryness and those dreaded wrinkles. So feed your skin from the inside!