Unrefined organic Avocado oil is a dark green olive colour and is a very deep penetrating oil which feeds the skin and helps delay the signs of ageing skin. It is rich in essential fatty acids which makes it very good for dry and mature skin. It can be added at 15% or 20% to other carrier oils for massaging into the skin. Fushi’s Avocado oil has been mechanically cold pressed and handled to a food standard. The oil is pressed from the avocado pear and has a slight natural odour.

Background of where our Avocado oil is sourced from

Fushi’s organic Avocado oil s sourced from the Thika region in the Kenyan highlands. The predominate Avocado variety which grows in this region is Fuerte. The Avocados are grown by small scale farmers and is fair trade certified. Field officers work with these farmers, mapping their farms and their crops to ensure organic practises are followed.

  • Properties of Avocado oil
  • Strong natural protection against the sun
  • Regenerates connective skin tissue
  • Nourishes and repairs dehydrated, scarred and mature skin
  • Stimulates collagen metabolism to slow down the visible signs of skin aging.
  • High levels of fatty acids to keep the skin youthful and moisturised