The popularity of organic beauty products has grown in part because of concerns over the presence of harsh chemicals in many cleansers, toners and moisturisers.

This is the opinion of freelance beauty editor Zara Stone Rabinowicz, who pointed out: "Organic skincare has been on people's radar for some time now, with many people choosing to go the natural route as they are worried about what they are using in their skincare.

"Recent stories about toxic ingredients in some beauty products - like nail varnish and the Keratin blow dry - have made people more likely to go the organic route," she noted.

While not everyone will find switching to natural beauty products improves their complexion, those with easily irritated skin are most likely to benefit.

"People with sensitive skin may find organic products kinder on their skin, but for the most part, the benefits are all in the individual products themselves and can't be classed as a whole," Zara added.

And with Earth Day being held around the world this Sunday (April 22nd), what could be better than to ditch the products that make your skin flare up and instead opt for cleansers containing naturally derived ingredients that don't have such a damaging effect on the environment as artificially created chemicals?

If you're feeling generous, you could treat a friend to eco-friendly gifts in the form of organic skincare products. Fushi's cold pressed coconut oil is fair trade and sourced from micro community projects in Samoa, as well as being certified organic by the Soil Association.

Meanwhile, research from the Fairtrade Foundation last month revealed that women in the UK are more likely than men to invest in ethical products, with a survey finding 63 per cent of females believe strongly in the principles of fair trade and other ethical issues.

Posted by Laura Andrews