Sesame is probably oldest cultivated crop world. It can trace origins back the fertile crescent early as BC. Its cultivation in Mesopotamia dates to 1600BC before spreading throughout Persia, Ancient Egypt and even China ? where its use has been recorded for over 3000 years.ÿSesame seed oil has also been employed for thousands of years in food, medicinal and cosmetic use. It has been used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine as a healing oil and a base for many of its treatments. Its use in cosmetics most probably started with the ancient Egyptians where it was prised as a moisturiser and a base for fragrance delivery.


Background of where our Sesame Seed oil is sourced from
Fushi’s Sesame Seed oil is sourced from a small scale growers group in Uganda who produce organic certified seed. The sesame seed oil is fair trade and producedÿ via the ?Fair for Life? programme. the seeds are then transferred to the oil production facility in Kenya where it produces export quality organic & fair traded sesame oil.

Properties of Sesame Seed Oil

  • Sesame oil has long been considered a good skin oil. Its high omega 6 content means it offers skin softening and nourishing properties.
  • It is also considered an excellent emollient and moisturizer for the skin. Consistency wise, it is neither too thin nor too thick and penetrates skin tissue easily.
  • Research has also shown it to have not only antioxidant properties but that it also naturally contains sun protection properties. It is reported to be rich in both Vitamins A & E and many other essential proteins considered beneficial for healthy culinary use.
  • It has long history of use as a cooking oil and even through it has a relatively high smoke point it resists rancidity due to the presence of its natural antioxidants.