Native to Asia and the Middle East, sweet almonds have been used throughout history in many forms- as a food source, medicinally and as a skin treatment. The sweet almond tree is a deciduous tree which grows to between 4 and 10 metres in eight and has white flowers-while the bitter almond has pink flowers.

The sweet almond oil is produced by the cold pressing of the kernel inside the shell of the nut. Rich in vitamin E, Almonds have been used for hundred of years for skin and hair treatments in the India and the Middle East.

Background to Sweet Almond Oil

Fushi’s Sweet Almond oils certified organic by the Soil Association and is sourced from almonds grown by small scale farmers in Northern Pakistan. This oil is produced by cold pressing of the Almond kernel to produce an exceptional quality oil which is ideal for use is a variety of cosmetic applications.

Sweet Almond Oil Benefits

•Improves complexion and retains glow

•Moisturises better and deeper

•Soothes skin irritation and inflammation

•Delays ageing process

•Lightens dark circles

•Relieves dry and itching skin

•Nourishes the skin.

•Cures chapped lips and body rashes

•Nourishes hair and smoothes hair cuticles

•Massaging with almond oil adds shine to the hair