The winter months can be a hard time for those that are fans of the summer. Not only is the temperature lower and the weather wetter, but the lack of light can also affect your mood. 

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a form of depression that can cause people to feel down, tired and lethargic throughout the winter months. It has been linked to the lack of sunlight affecting the release of serotonin, this can alter a person's mood, sleeping pattern and appetite.

However, there are natural ways that you can boost your mood and overcome your SAD. Using natural oils can help you to relax and make you happier when you are suffering from the winter blues.


Rose oil can be incredibly beneficial to help lift the mood and overcome feelings of depression. It is also helpful for periods of stress and anxiety as it helps to relax the mind, which can help you to let things go. Once you are no longer weighed down by negative thoughts, you may find that you feel much happier.

Try adding rose oil to a bath or oil burner and setting some time aside to just relax. The fragrance will help ease your mind the longer you smell it and will leave you feeling revitalised.


To help revitalise both mind and body, cinnamon oil is particularly good. This is also a great oil as it tends to be used in many different products throughout the winter festive season. It is quite a pungent oil and so should only be used in small concentrations.

Again it is particularly nice when placed in an oil burner as it will give your home a lovely warm smell, which many people find wholesome. It can also be used in massage - although it should be diluted - where it will help to warm the muscles and work out any knots.

Ylang Ylang

This oil is particularly beneficial for depression that is accompanied by stress. While SAD can leave you feeling tired, being stressed at the same time can make it difficult to get a good night's sleep. Ylang Ylang helps to relax the mind and body and can help you to drift off naturally, which is often the best thing for stress and depression.

Try using it in a bath or sprinkling a few drops onto your pillow to help you to relax and aid better sleep. Once you have gotten your full eight hours, you'll find that you feel refreshed and relaxed when you wake up.


Ginger is a powerful oil that has been used for years for the treatment of both physical and mental fatigue. As SAD often makes you feel lethargic, ginger is a great one for use in the mornings, when you need that get-up-and-go feeling.

Just like cinnamon, its scent is very warm and comforting and so can help to reduce worries and stress. Use it in an oil burner to help you wake up. You can also put a few drops onto a tissue for use throughout the day if you start to feel exhaustion creeping in.