Even though a lot of us don't have quite as much time to spend in the show every morning as we might like, having a routine for this part of your day can really pay off.

You want to wash and make sure your hair will be at its best while you're showering.

Here are some fantastic tips that could help you get more from this part of your day.

Wonderful washing

When you're showering, you'll often want to get a good wash, so that you feel fresh.

But when you have sensitive skin, it can sometimes be that bit trickier to track down a body wash that really fits your needs.

Look out for products that are specially advertised as being good for sensitive skin, and remember that you might want to try several types before you settle on the answer to your shower problem.

If a shower product isn't suiting you, there's no need to keep using it, it's far better to have a product you're happy with, since you'll likely be washing with it quite regularly.

Even factors like scent can come between you and the perfect shower product - not everyone likes the same smells, after all!

If you do have sensitive skin, we have a shower wash that had been formulated specially with this issue in mind.

Our gorgeous Bringer of Peace Herbal Body Wash promises to be soothing where skin is concerned, and can be used when washing in the bath as well as the shower.

We recommend you wash using a sponge to make the most of this product, which contains a range of truly brilliant ingredients.

Hair care heaven

No woman needs telling that hair care happens in the shower, when you wash and condition your hair to help make sure it will look the way you want it to when it's dry.

Just as with the body wash you use, you'll want to take a lot of care over your shampoo, because different products can leave your hair in different states.

One product that might work well for you is the Scalp Soother Herbal Shampoo, which is suitable for people suffering from the likes of itchy scalp issues and contains things like jasmine and chamomile - lovely!

We've recommended this for use with our Repair & Soothe herbal conditioner and Scalp Soother oil.

Post-shower perfection

Many of us like to moisturise after we leave the shower, and for brilliant skin, you might want to work this into your shower routine if you haven't done so yet.

We recommend, for example, that you use Bringer of Peace Body Moisturiser after you've washed with the brilliant Bringer of Peace body wash.

The Bringer of Peace Herbal Body Lotion for Sensitive Skin is so simple to use - massage it into clean skin and you're done!
It's a great product to try if your skin is a little sensitive and has gorgeous things like coconut and shea butter within. A real treat!

Turn your shower into a morning present to yourself, and let your hair and skin feel the effects!