As much as we'd like to pamper ourselves all day, sometimes we don't have hours and hours to get ready for the Christmas party

Instead, the majority of us are tasked with an hour or so turnaround period to get as glam as possible.

If you're not blessed with time this Yuletide, there are some easy ways to get your complexion perked up in minutes.

Face massage with oils

Face massages, as well as being incredibly relaxing, are thought to do wonders for the skin.

The skin becomes more relaxed - reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, especially when performed over time.

Massaging with oils is a great hydrator, making it the perfect base for party-ready make up.

Lavender is a particularly good oil to massage with, as it has antiseptic and cleansing properties which help to refresh, purify and brighten the complexion.

Along with numerous skin benefits, facial massage also provides relief for stress, sinus congestion, and migraine headaches, making sure you're fully in the party mood.

Oil cleansing method

According to skin expert Jane Druker, cleansing is more important than moisturising.

"To prevent flaky or inflamed skin, make sure you cleanse properly … I recommend removing make-up properly to prevent blocked pores, then use rose water or something as gentle to tone, and instead of moisturiser I really recommend oils," she advised.

Using oil as a cleanser wipes away all traces of make up from the day, making your skin completely ready, even and blemish-free for the night.

Exfoliate and steam

Exfoliating gets your skin as clear as possible - ensuring that any dirt, which could cause a blemish, is eradicated.

You can make your own exfoliator or invest in one with natural ingredients, so as not to upset your skin before the big night.

"This does not necessarily need to be a gritty one as these can sometimes bring more redness to the skin which will affect how your makeup sits," explained Abigail James, a facialist.

Posted by Freya Harper