A pregnancy expert has said that she would recommend pregnancy yoga to the Duchess of Cambridge, who is currently expecting a baby.

Interviewed by Hello Online, Heidi Murkoff called the activity “great” and said that she would “definitely recommend” it to the mother-to-be.

The author also said that aqua aerobics and swimming were good forms of exercise for women to do when they’re pregnant.

“It's basically your only opportunity to be weightless and when you're pregnant that's a relief,” the What To Expect when You’re Expecting scribe said.

It would relieve pressure where swollen areas are concerned and play a part in minimizing swelling, she suggested.

“When it comes to choosing what kind of exercise you should due during your pregnancy, that's the kind of decision that's made by the mother-to-be and her doctor or her midwife because every case is different, there are so many variables,” she advised.

Keeping fit when pregnant has a lot of benefits, she suggested, adding that a lot of women don’t know that it is believed that keeping fit in this time can improve the brain power of the baby.

She added that mums who do exercise while pregnant have a greater chance of having a baby whose weight is healthier.

“Of course this releases endorphins too and they can boost your mood and paradoxically give you more energy," she added.

Kate, who is of course married to Prince William, is due to give birth later this year, in July. Her pregnancy was announced late last year, in December.

The couple married in April 2011 in a much-watched Westminster Abbey ceremony.

Should the weather be warm come July, the pregnant duchess will experience more swelling which might become uncomfortable, according to Ms Murkoff.

When you are pregnant, you have higher metabolism she explained, “so you're heating for two as well as eating for two so it's harder to stay cool.”

She advised against exercising outside in very hot weather when pregnant and recommended keeping “out of the sun”.

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