They crunch in the mouth, have a taste that sets them apart from any other veg and they're in, in, in right now.

We're talking raphanus sativus - or for those who are not fluent in Latin, simply radishes!

That's right, this salad staple is bursting into season when it comes to the United Kingdom at the moment, meaning that if you live in the UK there's perhaps no better time to make this munchable veg a part of your menu.

One potentially good thing about radishes? Although these small, round and red delights are full of hot flavour and juicy goodness, the low-down when it comes to their calorie content is that they are low on calories.

Another of radishes' good points is the fact that they contain vitamin C. A healthy living staple, Vitamin C, which as we all know is found in things like oranges and orange juice, is something that's really important when it comes to our wellbeing.  

For example, did you know that our bodies use this vitamin when making collagen?

Folic acid is another thing that can be found in radishes. This is a B vitamin plays a part in the creation of red blood cells. Vitamin B12 is also involved in this process.

You'll also find vitamin B6 within a lovely radish too, as well as potassium. Potassium can also be found in the likes of prunes, avocados and and bananas and is vital when it comes to the growth of your body and keeping the heart working.

Delightful radish dishes

Perhaps the most obvious way to start eating more radishes is to have them as part of a salad.

Pick some up next time you're out shopping and bring them out for a side-salad or healthy lunchtime treat!

Their unique flavour works well alongside other salad ingredients - why not try contrasting the hot taste of the radish with the sweeter flavour of grated carrot if you have a sweet tooth? Both these veggies have a fantastic crunch which can create a great contrast in texture when added to the leaves of a simple salad.

Or if you want to full-on flavour of the radish, pair with subtle flavours such as those found in lettuce - or add the peppery tasting rocket for a real full-on taste sensation!

Because of their small, round size, you can add radishes to a salad straight after rinsing and topping and tailing, or if you prefer slice into attractive little pieces.

Radishes can also be eaten on their own, of course, for example as a snack food. Small radishes are satisfying for popping in your mouth, and do not take much preparing, meaning you may be more likely to choose this healthy option over a not-so-healthy alternative when cravings come along.

Even the office kitchen is likely equipped to deal with these convenient vegetables. Simply rinse, top and tail and enjoy!

They make a great refreshing addition at lunchtime in the office, or simply in between meals when you're looking for something to nibble!

So use spring to tuck into some radishes and re-discover the charms of this enjoyable and fun vegetable!