The beginning of a new year means, for the majority of people, a chance to really change some habits that they may not have liked so much in 2012.

Lots of people decide to give up takeaways, smoking, drinks or chocolate.

As well as taking things away, however, the beginning of a new year is a great chance to add something new to your life.


Any form of exercise is a complete plus in kick starting your year as a healthy one. And yoga is also great for the brain.

As well as toning your body, stretching the major muscle groups of the body, improving metabolism and helping your flexibility and coordination, yoga is great at giving you real peace of mind.

Emma Catto, yoga expert from advice service, noted: "Yoga postures and breathing encourage us to observe the constant chatter of the mind and to learn to detach from it.

"The postures give us stability and strength allowing us to be 'in our body' and have a sense of who we are in the world and stretching activates the parasympathetic nervous system which calms us down."

Yoga is a great addition to 2013, according to Ms Catto, if you want to learn how to properly relax.

Have a good skincare routine

It's easy to neglect your skincare routine, but it really is truly beneficial in keeping you looking youthful and fresh throughout the year.

According to Amanda McGillivray, founder of The Natural Skincare Company, a woman should listen to her skin and ensure that her routine changes as she ages.

"As you get older and your skin changes and becomes drier, you will need to use creams and serums which contain nutrients such as vitamin A, C and E, to help fight free radicals and keep those unwelcome wrinkles at bay," the expert advised.

Investing in an appropriate cleanser, toner and moisturiser is a must for 2013.

Posted by Matilda Jones