As our customers continue their journey with our Rosehip Oil, here is a new diary entry all the way from Germany...

It is more than 5 years that Rosehip seed oil has replaced my day and night face cream and moisturizer. I love it because it is rich but not greasy. Only a few drops is enough to cover the face, thus it last really long. My skin is softer, brighter, and more importantly looks healthier.

Like any other organic product, you cannot really expect an overnight miracle. However you will see a difference over time. I wanted others to know that, this works! I have received many comments from colleagues and friends about not having any noticeable wrinkles and I have been asked which moisturizer i am using. Fushi Rosehip seed oil is just a perfect product for me. I have tried other organic brands as well but none of them managed to keep me as happy as Fushi, so it is my favorite shop.

I am a big fan of Fushi products who converted from being an occasional guest customer to a permanent customer over the last years.

The only cheeky comment that I have is about their product availability. It would be great if they could manage to make products available all year round, specially the Rosehip seed oil and Argan oil :-)

Thank you Fushi for my beautiful skin!

Laleh Zangeneh

Age: 35
Location: Germany
Occupation: Computer scientist

"Improved my skin elasticity, dont give up on this oil! - Read Daniella’s story, entry 3