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The Rosehip Oil Diaries - Entry 3

Rosehip Stories 1
We love the happy stories our customers send us, when our products have helped them and their families. We thought we’d share them with you.
Hello Fushi!

Had to share this with you!

I am 70 years old (don't feel it!) and I live in Harrogate, supposed to be retired but still teaching French to Montessori children and supporting many children and their families through the group.

I used Rosehip oil on the scars following my two hip replacements and the repair of a broken wrist. All three scars are now barely visible can you believe it! The oil is light and easily absorbed and I was so very impressed. I help run a support group and have recommended it for a number of skin conditions.

It has proved very effective for rosacea and turned out to be the only remedy that worked. It is a very good carrier oil and because it is easily absorbed, it can be used where the skin is quite fragile or sensitive. In fact, it also works well for nappy rash. The addition of appropriate essential oils means it can be used to fight infection or inflammation safely. I find it is a very good all-round healing oil. My friends use it as a general moisturiser. Being a single oil there are no worries about nasty additives and it extremely economical to boot! So far, everyone I have recommended it to has found it very useful and has continued to use it.

Thank you so much!

Lesley Critchlow
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