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The Rosehip Oil Diaries - Entry 4

Rosehip Stories 1
We love the happy stories our customers send us, when our products have helped them and their families. We thought we’d share them with you.
I'm Italian and I feel every women should feel good at any age. The Fushi oils are for me are like a grandmother's secret with a “modern twist".

As I was approaching my thirties, after losing some weight, I noticed my skin had lost some elasticity and I saw some wrinkles appearing under the eyes and on my forehead. From that moment, I tried to read and experiment with various products to see what worked best for me. My aim was to find something that could prevent more ageing, eliminate or soften my fine lines. I wanted a natural product, free from chemicals.

So I discovered Fushi Rosehip oil. From my trials, I have discovered the beauty routine that works best for me! The last two years your oil has given me amazing results. I have developed my own routine and apply my Rosehip oil twice a day in the morning before make up and at night before going to bed. I pat dry my skin and apply the oil. It is very important to let the Rosehip oil be absorbed into your skin before you put on any sunscreen lotion or make up. Also, in the morning, you only need a few drops as a moisturiser but you can be more generous at night time.

What I love about your Rosehip oil is the quality of the product, the cost, the fact that all your products are organic and cold pressed. Thank you for always being clear with the date it was produced. Rosehip oil spoils very easily, so it is essential for me to know that the product I bought has not been sitting for a couple of years in a warehouse. It’s succeeded in fading my wrinkles so am so pleased and will always be your customer!

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with a passion for health living
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