Roses are red... Well, we know that roses come in a variety of colours but one thing you might not be aware of is that the sweet smelling and attractive petals are not the only potentially useful thing that is actually produced by a rose plant: It also bears rose hip which are the seed pods of the rose bush, left behind after the petals have fallen off.


Rosehip can be used in tea, jelly and even jam, these roundish pods are also the source of Rosehip Oil, one of the best natural beauty products on the market. The seeds are used in making rosehip seed oil which is rich in vitamins and nutrients that have all sorts of benefits for the skin.


Luxurious rose hip oil is also pack with vitamins.


Rosehip oil is effective in reducing the scars, burn scars and sunburn. The ability to regenerate damaged skin tissues was originally attributed to its high content of unsaturated essential fatty acids making its an ideal oil for ageing skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It absorbs quickly into the skin creating a protective barrier on the skin to prevent dehydration.


If you’re looking for an oil which has vitamins within, look no further than Rosehip seed oil. Though its brownish depths give little away, it is actually home to a range of vitamins.

    •Vitamin C: Is a good antioxidant that helps with skins firmness and strength.

    •Vitamin A: Good for cell renewal, promotes firmer smoother skin 

    •Vitamin E: Promotes collogen and elastin

If your interest has been sparked, then why not investigate further and find out more about this special variety of organic rosehip oil for use on the skin?